Prioritising the safety of moving possessions is essential when packing all house items for a move. One of the most difficult chores that everyone must complete is preparing your kitchen and the goods inside for moving. The reason for this is that if you want to arrive at your new home with no damage to glasses, you must understand how to pack glasses for moving, which involves many different factors and things to take into account. Your possessions must be meticulously prepared for relocation; otherwise, they may be scuffed, shattered, or have their edges chipped.

Dishes, bowls, plates, jars, mugs, and particularly glasses must all be packed with extreme care because they are among the most delicate objects. If done incorrectly, packing glasses for a move can become unpleasant and stressful. Because they are the most likely to break out of all the possessions in your home. Glass pieces need extra care during the preparation process. If you spent time building your collection over the years or if you inherited a priceless set, pay close attention because even the smallest error might cause a major problem. This blog will assist you in determining how to pack glasses when relocating.

Materials Required For The Packing of The Glasses

In this scenario, materials are crucial since if you don’t get high-quality ones, you risk ruining everything. Boxes will be discussed shortly, but first, let’s talk about the necessities for relocating and all the amazing supplies you must acquire before leaving on your expedition. For the potion on how to carry glassware effectively, you’ll need:

  • Dish boxes or barrels: You need double-thick walls that offer additional protection. Glass packing for a move is unquestionably best done with Dish Barrel or Dish Pack cartons. It ensures that your glass valuables are secure.
  • Wrapping paper: Calculate the approximate number of kitchen items you have, and have at least 3–4 wrapping sheets for each item.
  • Bubble wrap: Get a roll or two of paper towels for delicate glasses like crystal or annealed glass. A fantastic solution for excellent protection is bubble wrap.
  • Newspaper: You can also use newspaper to wrap the glasses if you are considering a DIY move.
  • Quality packing tape: Always prefer using qualitative packing tape to avoid marks of the tape on the glass.
  • Scissors: Need to use scissors to cut tape or anything else.
  • Marker: Use a marker to label the boxes.

Kind of Box Qualifies for the move

One of your first priorities when planning your move should be to transport the boxes containing your glasses. Choose the box which is perfect for the move and provides full protection to the glass items.

  • Use substantial storage containers or those you already have if you wish.
  • If you wish to follow the rules, buy dish boxes.
  • Those that have cell dividers can greatly speed up the procedure,
  • Smaller and medium-sized ones should work just well, and the more you load, the more potential problems you create.

Where To Begin Packing Glasses for Moving?

  • Clear the shelves, then inspect the glass for any damage.
  • Remove any outdated or damaged components.
  • Put the boxes together and use double-sided tape to seal the edges and bottom.
  • Crush 10 to 15 cm of packing paper to create a protective layer at the bottom of the box.
  • Box dividers might help you move in an organised manner. You can buy pre-assembled moving boxes that have cardboard dividers, or you can create your own by measuring and cutting cardboard sheets.

What To Avoid

If you are considering a DIY move then you should avoid the use of certain things to protect your glasses from breaking.

  • Towels: Avoid using towels for wrapping the glasses. Some people who are doing a DIY move use towels for packing the glasses but that’s not a protective option for wrapping the glasses. Towels can slip off from glasses during the move and this will lead to damage. Instead, use bubble wrap for wrapping.
  • Suitcases: Some DIY movers use suitcases as the container for moving glasses but that is not a secure way to move the glasses. There are many chances of damage to glasses if you use a suitcase as a container.

Go For Packing Glasses in Five Simple Steps

Now that you have the equipment and know how to package delicate items like glassware, it’s time to unveil the incantation—or, if you don’t believe in the power of relocations, simply the process.

First, secure your box
Since the boxes contain glasses, keeping them safe comes first. To keep your box safe while shifting, you must first create a protective layer at the bottom and later at the top. For this, it’s ideal to start by spreading out about 4 inches of rolled-up packing paper. If you have a sense of foreboding, you can tape the containers together to strengthen them.

Wrap firmly

The glass should then be set on a corner of your paper, with two sheets of paper being gathered to cover the entire item. As you proceed, tuck the wrapping in. Don’t try the multiplication layers because they don’t go together as some other dishes do.

Vertically is the ideal way to pack glasses

You attain a goal once the wrapping is done. Don’t let your hard work go to waste; always remember to hang your glasses vertically and upside down. There is no uncertainty in this situation because that is also how you find them in cupboards.

Then, fill in the Space

Before you start worrying about how to pack a truck or filling the elusive space in your thoughts with dilemmas about relocating for love or going through an office move, or whatever you’re currently up to, do the practical first. To make sure you finish the most crucial stage and nothing moves during transit, you need wadded paper or peanuts. Give freely and you will receive rewards afterwards.

Remember to label everything

Labelling everything as soon as the containers are sealed is one of the tasks to be completed after the relocation. Write it down or colour-code it right away for the kitchen as you probably have a system for other items as well. And make it clear that the contents are delicate and that only a select few are capable of handling them if you get what we mean. In addition, since they are more likely to be seen after everything has been stacked, labels should always be placed on the sides of your containers. If you’d want to see this in action, watch the video after this one.

How to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving?

  • Place the newsprint packaging paper pack flat on the work surface.
  • Start by making the stem of a wine glass the same width as the glass bowl by wrapping it in 2-3 layers of crushed packing paper or bubble wrap. To completely enclose it, wrap it in another covering. To prevent unwrapping, tape it using packing tape.
  • To add internal support, stuff the wine glass bowl with packing material made of crumpled newsprint. Make sure they are neat and tight.
  • Place the wine glass in the packing paper’s corner and carefully wrap it from one corner to the other. You have now built a structure that resembles a tube. Bend the left newspaper paper so that it is on the glass’s opposing sides.
  • Your wine glass should be placed facing down into one of the divider components within the moving box. If you don’t have a divider, set your glasses inside the box and cover the sides, top, and bottom with packing paper. Similarly, cover the wine glass with bubble wrap for added protection.

Ways to pack drinking glasses for moving

  • Place the newsprint packaging paper pack flat on the work surface.
  • Place the glass of water on the sheet’s corner and begin wrapping it before moving it to the other side.
  • If the glass is fairly thick, you can pause in the middle and add another glass before continuing to wrap. If not, wrap each piece of glass separately and put it bottom-up inside the moving box.

How to pack other glass items?

  • Glass jars: Wrapping paper should be inserted from the inside of the glass jars for proper protection. Start wrapping it around at the corner. In order to be safe, wear at least 2-3 layers.
  • Glass bottles: Wrap the thin portion of the glass bottle if it has an uneven shape so that it is the same width as the bottom. Place the entire bottle inside the moving box after wrapping it in additional packing paper or bubble wrap. Secure the bottle in the zip bag first if there is any liquid inside to prevent leaks.
  • Glass vases: Newsprint paper should be inserted from the inside of the glass vase. Then start wrapping it around at the corner. For safety, wear at least 3–4 layers.


Glasses are easily breakable so it’s very important to pack them properly using all the necessary equipment and following all the steps. You have to make sure all the moving boxes that contain fragile items should be secured and marked in big letters so that they can be easily recognized. These boxes should never be placed under heavy objects.

This blog post would have covered all the packing advice and strategies in detail. You can get moving boxes online and pack your glasses inside them in addition to the packing techniques and supplies mentioned above. It has been established that hiring movers and letting them pack your clothes is a better decision. The experts can safely pack and move your essentials because they have the necessary training, tools, and experience. By getting in touch with Oz Removalists and scheduling your move, our knowledgeable removalists team will help you relocate stress free and safely and without worry.

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