A pool table is a very heavy and expensive item. A normal table weighs more than 350 kilos. Moving a pool table is a herculean task that requires appropriate planning, patience, and coordination. Even if your whole neighborhood collects shifting a pool table is a task that they will not be able to accomplish. If the whole process of shifting has not been properly planned and executed then it can damage the pool table or hurt anyone involved in the shifting process.  Getting professional help from some reliable and experienced movers like Oz Removalists will assist you in the smooth shifting of your prized possession.


The arrangements that you need to make before you start moving out the pool table.

  • Check the measurements– Check all the doorways and driveways before you start to move out so that you do not coincide with any of the walls and doors.


  • Arrange the truck– You have to be very careful with the vehicle that you will busedng for moving the pool table. As the pool table is heavy stuff you will at least require a 4 Ton truck with a hydraulics lift for moving the pool table.
  • Restraining straps– It is advisable to use restraining straps to restrain the slate during the movement so that it is not harmed during the transit.
  • Protect the surface pool table is a polished surface and it is stained also so it should be properly covered during the transit in order to protect it from scratches. Protective sheets, blankets, or bubble wrap can be used for protecting it during transit.

We at Oz Removalists are well–equipped to handle all these jobs in an organized, planned manner with precision and utmost care.


  1. Dismantle the pillars– This is the crucial beginning of the complex task, it would require three people to unscrew the three long legs on the side and then carefully lift the table from a side and move the legs and place it carefully. The table should be carefully placed on the floor on some protective sheets. After this unscrew the other 3 legs and lift the table to remove the legs and place the slate slowly on the floor. The entire process should be done with extreme care and precision.


  2. Loading the slate– A piano trolley should be used to load on the long side and use floor protectors before moving the trolley over the floor. Now very carefully you will need to move the trolley with the help of the hydraulic lift onto the truck. Then roll it inside and remove it from the trolley and wrap it from the protective sheets. It should be then restrained using the restraining straps from preventing it to get damaged.
  3. Load the legs– The legs should be carefully packed using good and safe protective sheets and placed in the truck to protect them from any damage.
  4. Unloading the slate– The same process as stated above is to be followed for unloading the slate. After unloading it place it in the position where you desire to locate the pool table.
  5. Assembling the legs– This is also a very complex job that should be done with full attention. Lift the table from one side and screw all 3 legs once you have screwed the legs of one side carefully let the pool table rest on it. Now similarly screw the three legs on the other side and place it down with utmost care. After the whole procedure is done locate the table where you intend to place it.

We at Oz Removalists are a team of dedicated people who shift your pool table with utmost care and precision. We are prepared for all the hurdles that may come our way. We are very well equipped with the modern equipment required to move the pool table. If there are stairs in the way we are prepared to plan the moving of the pool table as per the stairs. Moving the pool table is a complex task and availing professional help to move it is necessary in order to avoid any damage to the pool table, objects in the way, and the people involved in the moving. Hire us for the smooth moving of the pool table. Call us now! We are just a call away!

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