What is the Best Way to Hire a Moving Company

Moving is a difficult task and hiring a moving company that fulfils the promise to deliver your stuff is far more complicated. There always exists the fear that removalists may not handle the materials with care and it may break or what is the guarantee that after loading the items they will remain in contact. Extra charges are another fear that always lingers on the mind, but there is always a solution to every problem. Here read on what are the methods that we can adapt to finding a reliable and trustworthy moving company and stay calm and relax.


Finding an Excellent Moving Company              

1)    Check out the Distance of Moving Stuff: The distance of moving objects from one place to another is very necessary to determine to make sure to hire a company that has experienced moving distance. Like if you are moving across states, the better idea is to go for moving company that have responsible experience of dealing with interstate moving and if the moving is to be carried out in the local neighbourhood, finding companies that cater to local moving is expected.

2)    Doing local research and seeking out recommendations from local people, family and friends can be a great saviour. Though it is not a reliable method, having a rough idea is not bad to begin the search for niche moving company.

3)    Local Real Estate Agents can give a clear view on and recommendations on few of the moving companies. Contacting them can add more light to moving company hunt.

4)    Searching on a local phone book or yellow pages is a great and more beneficiary idea that looking for internet because here valid address and other information are given clearly. If so many companies appear, narrow your search to their experience and go for some established companies more than 10 years old.

5)    If all other methods fail to get you at least three names of moving company, search online but be aware of the scams. Do not provide them with your personal information and remember no fee is eligible for visiting the website.

Never become prey to the website who offer to find you a good mover. Make your own research.

6)    Avoid making contacts with brokers who promise to get you a better deal with moving companies. These brokers have no responsibility for your items, so the best idea is to stay away from them.


How to Research for a Moving Company

1)    Looking for companies review online like from Google, Facebook or Yelp, you can collect information about their ratings, scams and reputation as a moving company.

2)    Make a visit to the company’s website and you can have full information from there. A company’s website is easy to achieve through simple navigation or looking from phone directories. Make sure to collect following information:

  • Full name of Company and if there are multiple websites available very similar to a company name, search for the authentic one.
  •  Address of the Moving Company is indeed a very useful information. Never look for a company who have no address.
  • Collect the phone number, email address and contact person name and other information.

3)    Calling the moving company and seeking references from the past customers is recommended. At least collect three names and phone numbers and call them to ask for their experiences.

4)    If the company works in the Australia, then surely, they will have ABN number. Collect it and check it online to review their authenticity. If the phone number that is provided for business do not match to what you have been using for communication, there are chances of scam. So be aware and check the reality.

5)    Ponder over your communication moments with the moving company. Their response time and behavior say a lot about their experiences and professionalism. If they are incompetent in response time and fail to impress you, the better idea is to move on.


Steps on Estimating Price for Moving Company

1)    An On-Site estimate demand is the first step in making a deal. Once you have the confidence that a moving company is authentic and reliable, asking them for on-site estimation is very much required. Here, an employee from the company will visit you and have an inspection on all the items that need to be moved. This way they will make an estimation and will offer. Going for a binding estimation will clearly show the price of moving each object whereas nonbinding estimation can be more expensive later as shared pricing is all together.

2)    Make a thorough research on all the fees and extra charges from loading to unloading and the price for cartons too. An early estimation better and reliable. If the price does not fit your requirements, look for another company.

3)    Learn about the reimbursements of lost or damaged items. This may occur to any moving process and it is very necessary to collect information on how much liability they owe to a certain grade of items is necessary to know. Different companies have different policies. Learn thoroughly and then make a decision.

4)    Stay away from companies who try to convince you with lower estimates. This may be a fraud and chances of poor service or forgery risen. Be wise and then make a decision.

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