How to Move a Fridge

A fridge is one such appliance in our homes without which imagining life seems highly inconvenient and miserable. It is the best appliance that provides us with the best cooling and serves as a great place to stick our magnetic décor pieces. When the fridge is such an important part of life while moving home taking the best care of it is what every owner demands. While relocation one must try best effort to perform it damage free otherwise the loss can be an additional expense one has to bear.


Comprehensive How to Move a Fridge Guide

Essentials for moving a Fridge:

A fridge is a precious appliance in our home that keeps our food delicious and safe after stove and while transportation there is need to take precautionary measures. Here are listing products that need to be collected before the task of fridge removal takes place and prove to be a great support for the query how to move a fridge.

  • Wrapping Paper
  • Moving trolley
  • A pair of scissors and tape
  • Moving Straps
  • Strongboxes
  • Bubble wrap

Once a mover is done with collecting essentials that are required to wrap the fridge, finding at least one helping hand is a must. Without a helper moving fridge all alone is an impossible task.


Fridge Moving Tips- How to Prepare

Now as you have collected all the essentials and the day of moving fridge is arriving, here is quick fridge moving tips to prepare it for a safe transition.

  • The first step towards preparing fridge for moving is to empty the content and switch it off few days before the moving.
  • If the fridge is connected to water supply disconnect the water flow and allow the fridge to cool down and stay dry. Defrosting is another major aspect need to be done.
  • Now once the fridge is disconnected with power and water, another step is to clean it nicely. No traces of food or any drink shall remain else fungus may develop quickly and ruin the surface.
  • All the removable parts like glass shield, ice containers, drawers, shelves etc should be removed and cleaned and finally wrapped in wrapping paper separately. This way chance of damaging removable parts nullifies.
  • If the fridge odour is troubling you, place baking soda container in it, it will help in reducing the odour effect.


Fridge Moving Tips- Packing for Moving Fridge

Once the fridge is completely cleaned and dried up, the next step is to pack it firmly and carefully. To do so initial task is to lock the fridge door using keys and then secure doors using rope or any other material that does not damage the surface of the fridge and reduce its beauty. This step ensures that accidentally chance of opening fridge door is impossible. Now cover it with bubble wrap and then finalising with a blanket is the ultimate packing style. A fridge is a great investment and wise is the one who invests in buying quality packing materials. Purchasing right set equipment is the key to damage-free fridge moving process.

Fridge Moving Tips – Out of the Home

After finishing up with the packing process, next comes the task of moving the fridge to the truck. Most important point to remember here is to make sure to find helping hands because a minimum of 2 persons is required to safely move the fridge to the truck and load it. You can either go for a moving trolley and safely place it under the fridge to move it and the better and more professional choice is to buy a dolly and utilise it for moving the fridge.

Whatever moving product you choose, safely move the fridge out of the house. Always remember that fridge is ok to be tilted butt never lay it down, it can damage the internal machines and the leak is the most common outcome of laying fridge.

While transiting fridge remembers slowly and steadily accomplishing the task will make fridge moving process extremely safe and successful.


Fridge Moving Tips – Carefully Moving the Fridge in New Home

Along with the loading process, unloading and resting the fridge in its final position is extremely important. Like loading process, extreme care and precaution are needed to follow while putting it in its new place. Squeezing from narrow pathways to moving up the stairs be patient and carry out the process. Once the fridge stands in its position slowly unwrap it and let it stand for at least 3 hours before plug-in. This precaution is extremely necessary to follow because the coolant while moving moves to-and-fro and still position, allows it to get back to its original position i.e. compressor. If it is not followed chances of damaging the compressor touch the sky. You can anytime place back removable part and enjoy cooling properties at the new place.

A moving fridge should never be a nightmare experience and if for a while if you do not feel like taking up the whole task or you do not have helping hands, never hesitate in connecting with professional fridge removalists in Melbourne. They have the required expertise and skills from packing to unloading and their assistance can be best for safe moving.

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