Interstate moving can be quite strenuous not just for you but even for your family both physically and mentally. Physically, because of the packing and shifting while stress may mount mentally because it requires a lot of planning. It is essential to have basic planning at place as it comes handy. Hiring movers and packers every time you are shifting can be quite heavy in your pocket since they can be pretty expensive. Only if these expenses are borne by your company in which you work can save you from the expenditures. But if not there are certain tips which can prove to be helpful while moving for both you and your family and you will be happy to know that we at Oz Interstate Removalists Melbourne make use of the best of these interstate moving tips to make your moving a stress free organized job.



These moving interstate tips are straight up from the experts who help moving individuals from Melbourne to various places like Sydney, Perth, and even Adelaide. Hence these moving interstate tips are very much reliable and can prove to be very handy. Some of the interstate moving tips that are being used by us at Oz Removalists moving company are:

  • Selecting the right vehicle: This is one of the most important things to be considered while moving interstate. Since movers and packers can be expensive, an individual prefers to book a truck or two for moving his/her furniture. Therefore, selecting the right truck has more weight than any other tips. Your first step is to check with your company whether they are bearing the expense or at least sponsor some amount of it. The second step is to find out whether your removal company has interstate branches so that it may allow you to deposit vehicle after one-way travel. The third step involves selecting the right truck with the following features:
  • A vehicle which has an automatic transmission, or rather automatic gear because continuously pressing the clutch lever will lead to an uncomfortable drive for the driver and he/she can develop a massive in their leg.
  • Ensuring the truck is up to date and has the latest technology in terms of loading and unloading the heavy items and furniture in order to avoid any sort of damage
  • It is very important to check whether your truck for any sort of engine leakages and if the break is proper because that can prove to be fatal as there will be a loss in terms of furniture but it can even cost the life of the driver.
  • Making sure that the engine is full while loading the truck and will be sufficient for the entire travel. It is important to do those prior calculations of the fuel to distance ratio.
  • Ensuring that the truck the basic facilities like charging facilities, or navigation so, in case of taking any new routes, the driver is able to easily figure out his way.

Selecting a route: After your truck is sorted, planning your route is the next important step. With the latest technologies just a click away,  this step will not really be difficult. Through Google Maps, invest a little time in planning a route by keeping certain things in mind. One major point is the bumps on the road. Though this may seem like a small thing, traveling long distances with heavy furniture can make considerable damage to your furniture. The second most important thing is selecting the quickest and shortest route. One can even do by reading certain where people might have shared their travel and based on all these factors select your best route possible.

Fuel Pump Locations: While traveling for longer distances, keeping a list of the fuel pump locations noted can prove to be quite beneficial. Most of the fuel pumps have refreshments facility or even restaurants where the driver can rest for a while.

Phone Recharge and Emergency Numbers: Again it may seem like a not so important thing but make sure you have your phone charged and recharged as you can need it for anything. Having emergency numbers updated in your contact list comes to be super handy.

Multiple Drivers: This is one of smartest tips to abide by. Having one more driver is always advisable for long distances since the driver can switch with the other person. Because there can always be a possibility that the person driving for a really long time can get tired as it is a very monotonous activity and can fall asleep while driving which can be very dangerous. Therefore, keeping one driver with you can be very useful.


So the next time you plan on shifting you surely know whom to call, sure Oz Removalists moving company who  makes sure to use these moving interstate tips and make the interstate move of  all clients exceptionally organized, stress free and a happy experience.

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