Moving a house may appear exciting. But in reality, it is a tiresome job. One has to plan all the details minutely. Any loose ending from one’s end can lead to drastic results.

In a survey, when people were asked about their first moving experience, almost all of them had a long list of the things they could have done differently. Thus, if one is moving without a plan or prior research, it is likely that the moving experience will be unpleasant.

OZ Removalists has done a thorough research and prepared a list of common mistakes made while moving. This will help our readers avoid these mistakes while relocating to get a smooth and secure moving experience.

A few of the common mistakes made during relocation are as follows:-

  • Forgetting to Create a Moving Checklist

Writing down a moving checklist before packing and moving is very important. When one is moving, the mind is preoccupied with hundreds of thoughts. There are high possibilities that one may forget and mix up things in the end.

Thus, a detailed moving checklist must be made before beginning the moving process. The headings could be divided into sub-headings and so on. This will help one meticulously sort out what is required and what is not. It will be even better if two checklists are prepared.

  • Not Hiring Professional Movers

Moving a piece of furniture by oneself or with the help of friends is quite manageable. But moving an entire house or an apartment is a tough nut to crack. It is next to impossible to move into a house without committing any mistakes. The people who don’t hire professional movers may sustain injuries and damage expensive items.

Hiring professional movers may appear costly. But owing to competition, one may easily find reputed movers at a very affordable price. Also, hiring professional movers is worth every penny spent. They make your move enjoyable and exciting in the true sense. With its vast experience, OZ Removalists provides many services at very reasonable rates. The service satisfaction which we provide is unparalleled.

  • Not Clearing Your Doubts Before Moving

If you have got even the slightest doubt in your mind before moving, your relocation could be disastrous. Thus, it is important to clear your doubts before moving. If moving by yourself, discuss them with your partner or trusted friends.

And if you have hired professional movers, then the importance of clearing doubts increases manifold. Not clearing doubts can lead to complications and extra charges at the end of the shifting trip. So, when you request a quote or when the experts visit your home to draw estimations, feel free to clear your doubts. Be sure about their charges, services, equipment, packing materials used, and travelling vehicles. This will keep your move smooth and tightly intact within your budget.

  • Last Moment Packing

The most common mistake that people commit when moving is doing last moment packing. Packing may sound simple and easy. But, let me make it very clear that packing is much more than stuffing all the items in one bag. Packing is the key to comfortable unpacking. If all the items are hurriedly stuffed in a big box, it is more likely that unpacking will be a nightmare.

Thus, it is important that packing is not postponed to the last moment. A proper plan extending to at least a week should be made for packing your stuff. The items to be packed should be accordingly categorised on a priority basis. The less important articles should be sold or donated according to their condition.

  • Not Comparing the Estimates of Different Removalists

While hiring a professional removalist, most of us fail to do some research about that company. Most people are so anxious about their relocation that they agree to the prices and terms of a genuine moving company. This leads to a not-so-good relocation experience.

So, it is necessary to compare the estimations of different removalist companies to have an affordable and enjoyable moving trip. This will save one from fraudulent moving companies and put one in a better position to bargain. This will allow an individual to strike better deals with moving companies.

  • Unaware of the Available Insurance Cover

Most people who are moving are not aware or ill-informed about the available insurance coverage. And when delicate and expensive items get damaged while moving, they have to spend a huge amount on getting them repaired. This results in extra-economic baggage.

Hence, one must be well aware of the insurance coverage available. This will make the relocation smooth and cost-effective. One should keep in mind that the basic and standard insurance covers have to be availed according to one’s needs. An insurance cover will protect your items from damages and scratches sustained during moving. It will also make the removalists more careful and accountable for unforeseen damages and accidents.

  • Not Labelling Packed Boxes

 Not labelling packed boxes is a very costly mistake in terms of time and energy. When the boxes are not labelled, the unpacking experience becomes a nightmare. At the time of unpacking, there is utter confusion and chaos if the boxes are not properly labelled. Even if a single-use item is required, all the boxes must be opened and thoroughly checked. This will make the house look messy.

Hence, the packed boxes should be labelled either item-wise or room-wise. This will make your unpacking and settling down the process quite smooth and quick.

  • Not Booking Right-Sized Truck

To save a small amount of money, most people request a moving truck or van of smaller sizes. This is a big mistake. It makes the items congested and more prone to deep scratches and damage. Fragile items are at the maximum risk of breaking in such a scenario.

When a vehicle is moving, it is important to maintain adequate space between two items. If there is any collision or friction between them, the items may break or get scratched beyond repair. Thus, booking a smaller vehicle for relocation may backfire in the longer run.


Relocation in itself is an intricate task. And if additional mistakes are also made while moving, the whole moving process can be a big disaster. This can be physically, mentally, and financially draining in all aspects. Everything requires planning, whether moving a single item or moving a complete house or apartment. All the nuances of moving, such as packing, loading, transportation, unloading, unpacking, and settling down, must be properly tackled and executed. Any failure may lead to a painful, moving experience.

But if one hires OZ Removalists to move across Melbourne and the suburbs, one can be relaxed and at ease. We offer a huge range of services at minimal prices to make your moving experience effortless and memorable.

To enjoy our services, please call us at 1800842066.

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