The process of moving comes with numerous choices. There are a number of questions that arise in the mind related to the interstate mover’s cost, and which furniture to move. The most important decision is to figure out if it is better to hire a professional removalist company or do a DIY move.

Deciding whether to hire professionals or move yourself all depends on your budget, the complexity of the move, and your working schedule. In order to avoid the experience of our own moving day horror story, we’ve enlisted the pros and cons of moving yourself, v/s hiring movers. We are here to help you to figure out what you should do further after deciding on the moving date.

Exploring The Costs

Completing the moving process with the help of your friends and relatives in order to reduce the cost of moving is a good option, but you should better think about the way you will thank them. Also, you need to be clear first about the heavy equipment lifting and loading to the trucks. If your friends will disagree on the spot you might get hurt and it can be the reason for sour friendships.

Professional Movers Cost

Hiring a professional mover can help you to be clear with the end-to-end moving cost from day one. You can get selected services to manage your budget. There are a number of local movers that offer packing materials and full packing that includes packing as part of their service.

The Cost Of A DIY Move

When you make a list of your friends for help while moving your home you would definitely assume that your move will be free or affordable now. Perhaps you save money, however, there are a few costs still you have to add on given below charges. 

  • It is not possible to move all your furniture and essentials in your personal vehicle. You must hire a moving truck for moving day.
  • Need to arrange meals and refreshments for your friends during the move.
  • Buying packing material like bubble wrap, cardboard, moving boxes, labeling chits, etc.
  • Manage the pocket expenses to recover or replace the lost and damaged done while moving your essentials. 

Reliability and Recourse

It is quite obvious to be afraid of getting help from complete strangers handling your precious furniture, Because you have surely worked hard to collect all your essentials and gadgets, and you would never let them ruin due to mismanagement while moving your home. In this situation, you should think twice before choosing friends instead of hiring professionals for your moving process. 

Finding A Reliable And Professional Moving Company

We would suggest you hire a professional removalists team for the moving process instead of asking your trusted friends and family for help. You can do your own research online. Look at the company’s reviews, compare their prices, and get detailed information about their services. 

Finding Friends To Help Using A Rented Moving Truck

Once you decide to move into your home on your own, you can check the expression of your friend while asking them for help. It will clearly explain their mood. Whether they want to help you or not. We all know that moving home is hard work no one will like it to do for free until they are rewarded in full.

Dealing With No-Shows

Can you imagine being prepared and ready to move to your new home, but the help that you counted is not available yet? Dealing with no help on support on the day of moving is the most frustrating part of relocation. The drawback of getting help from unreliable helpers is that you will not have alternatives to have legal backing and you might just get angry with your mates. In that case, if you want your relations with your friends to be smooth as before, you should better confirm with them if they are happy to spend their precious time on your move.

On the other hand, if you will hire professionals for a particularly moving day and they fail to be available on the day you have decided to move, you don’t need to worry you are protected by your legal agreement with them. If you have booked your move with OZ Removalists, you will never face a situation like this.

That said, paid professionals are less likely to back out of their job at the last minute. As it is their job to complete your requirements. 

Help With Packing

63% of people from Australia say that packing is within their top 3 hatest tasks when moving home. We advise you to start packing early at least one month before moving day comes. Numerous professional movers services offer packing services and packing materials as well. You can do it yourself and get your loved ones to help, if you have a busy schedule you can find removalists who offer packing as part of their package. 

Hiring Professional Packers

Without any interruption, you can specify how you want to pack your essentials without lifting a finger. You don’t need to be worried about the packing materials like cardboard, tapping rolls, scissors, or packing boxes. Reliable movers will help you to get end-to-end moving services including packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking. They will also help you to rearrange your furniture at the new place. 

Pack Essentials Yourself

If you are a bit familiar with the packing process and have time to do it, you don’t need to hire movers for packing your furniture and essentials. Packing is a time-consuming task. We would suggest you start packing at least two weeks before your moving day comes. You can ask your friends and family members to help you in packing all the essentials. Make sure to buy quality packing material. You can buy packing supplies from online stores or local stationary stores at very affordable and reasonable prices. 

Injuries and Insurance

Moving home is an enthusiastic task. Misfortunes can occur while loading and unloading, resulting in injury.

If Removalists Are Injured

If removalists get injured while moving your belongings, you have little to worry about. Small accidents come with the territory on the job. All reputable removalists are insured. Their injuries are compensated by the company without putting an effect on your pocket.

If Friends Get Injured

Small accidents are not ideal in any case, especially if it is your friend who has been kind enough to offer you help in moving your home. If your friend will get injured during the moving process you might need to pay a huge compensation fee, and in the end, you have to face sour friendships. If you do have to pay your friend in a legal way, you may be more out of pocket than if you had hired a removalist.

Hybrid Move: Combination of DIY Move + Professional Moving

Hybrid moving is a technique of moving by using DIY and hiring some moving services from professionals. It is an excellent idea to save money and time for those who don’t mind doing some of the moves themselves. In hybrid moving, you will get a portable moving container to transport your essential items. In that case, you will need to pack your belongings on your own. On the other hand, you can have the option to rent a movers truck and hire labor only to handle the loading and unloading of bulky furniture. Hybrid moving is the best option that gives homeowner flexibility and is less expensive than entire moving services.

You can enlist your family and friends who can help you in the DIY packing in exchange for pizza and a cold beverage, on the other hand, book a moving company in Melbourne for loading, unloading, and transit of your items. This will help you maintain your relations with your dear ones because not many friends and family members will be excited to deal with heavy boxes and furniture. 

Getting help from moving professionals means that you will need to pay a small amount of money to load the essentials into the truck that you have rented at the old destination and unload it at the new one. You can also hire single-item movers if you want to move individual furniture instead of moving the entire home. While making your decision, you should think wisely about what tasks you and your friends are able to do. If you can pack your essentials safely then you can book movers for moving day tasks like loading, unloading, and transit. But if you think packing is a time-consuming task, and you and your friends are not able to spend time on it, then you can consult the moving team for the packing process and you can do loading and unloading by taking on rent the moving tools like dolly, trolley, and moving straps. Discuss with your friends and then book the moving team for particular tasks.

Some More To Think About 

If you are still confused about what to do about your move, do you need to hire a moving company or just ask your family or friends for help? So we have prepared a list of questions that you need to ask yourself to decide whether you should hire movers or not. 

  • How Much Time Do You Have for Moving?

Moving an entire home is not a cup of tea for everyone. Moving preparations should start as early as they can. It would be great to give yourself a proper time duration to complete moving tasks. If you don’t have time to make your moving preparations, you should hire a professional moving company. They would be able to complete your move in a limited time frame. 

  • What Is Your Destination For Moving?

The most essential thing while moving: It takes a lot of effort to move interstate instead of down the block. If you are moving nearby within the city then you could take small boxes and items to your new home during the week. On the other hand, if you are moving interstate it would be difficult to manage your complete household without any damage, we would suggest you let professionals handle these situations instead of stressing yourself. 

  • What Moving Help You May Require?

Instead of hiring a moving company for an entire house move, you would be able to hire them for the services which you feel you can’t handle on your own. So, if you are looking to load, unload, and reassemble, hire them to do it. But, if packing your belongings also seems massive, take professional help. It will be worth it, paying a small amount of money is much better than getting broken delicate items after reaching your new home. 

  • Do You Have The Moving Supplies You Need? 

You will need packing supplies like boxes, packing tapes, and labeling chits for packing your delicate items. Other moving equipment like dollies, trollies, and ratchet straps. If you don’t have any of these then you will need to rent or purchase them. However, when you hire professional movers, you don’t have to worry about any of them, they’ll bring all these tools and packing items like boxes, moving supplies, trucks, and manpower along with them. 

  • How Good Are You At Packing?

Packing is not as easy as it seems. Packing fragile and unusually shaped items is a bit challenging and a little tricky. Plus, if you want to do everything on your own you should be good at moving large pieces. Are you able to move a couch down the staircase with a turn without damaging the walls and couch? If you have any doubts about it, let the movers tackle them.

  • How Much Does It Cost to Hire Movers in Australia?

If you are thinking to move with the help of removalists the estimated cost of moving house in Australia is approximately $300 to $3500  for a local move. On the other hand, the interstate moving cost can be high due to the distance of approximately $8000. The moving cost will be fully dependent on different factors such as distance, the volume of belongings that you want to move, and the complexity of the move.

  • Can I Hire Movers Just to Load a Truck?

The short answer to this question is yes, you can hire movers just to load trucks. This type of service is known as a hybrid moving service, in which you can save money by doing some of the moving tasks on your own like packing and unpacking, although removalists will load your belongings onto the truck.

Conditions That Occur While Moving To Decide To Hire Professionals Or Do Yourself

If you don’t have time to occupy yourself in labor If you don’t have a budget to relocate your house
You value your delicates and peace of your mind over saving money You are physically and mentally able to handle and lift heavy essential items
You have a lot of things to move You don’t have many households to move to
You have a lot of bulky items like a piano, dresser, pool table, etc, and no one to help You have enough helping hands to complete your move
You are moving interstate You are moving across the town in the state
You don’t have enough experience in moving You know the moving tricks and techniques

Additional Information: Tips to Hire Movers

Hiring a moving company within budget with quality services requires extra effort and time. Here we are sharing some tips by which you could get a reliable and affordable moving company for your house or office move.

  • Ask Friends and Family For Reference
  • Check reviews and ratings
  • Don’t pay a large deposit
  • Avoid moving companies with a name switch
  • Get references for movers

End Note

If you are thinking of moving your home with your friends and hiring a moving truck might seem a good idea in order to save on moving costs, however, you need to keep one thing in mind it comes with a lot of stress – you can’t end up losing your friendship just because of moving your furniture. However, hiring an expert team of furniture removalists could help you with safe relocation

Hiring a professional moving company that has all types of equipment for loading and unloading along with truck services is the best option to get a smooth and successful move. OZ Removalists is the best example of a perfect and satisfactory moving company in Melbourne. Get a free removalist quote from our professional team by calling us at 1800842066

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