Packing Checklist

Depending on the reason for shifting, moving house can be both a pleasurable and a disheartening event. Be what so ever the cause, one thing that remains for sure is the headache of packing your stuff. Depending on how good you are at packing your belongings, this task can take a couple of hours or the entire day. Here we are via this article to make this task a little easier for you. The packing checklist comprises of the following efforts on your end. In case you are not aware, let us inform you that there are companies around you that facilitate you with these services. These companies ensure that they make shifting house a convenient task by making the need for your efforts minimal.


Basic requirement for comfortable packing

Do that you can assemble the furniture so as to move I, you need to first dissemble the same. For this you require a fundamental toolkit. Next you need to have with you variety of boxes that range both in shape as well as size. You also need to keep the boxes that are termed speciality for certain clothes that are counted as hanging. So that you can easily break open the used boxes, it is important to have a box cutter handy. For delicate items you need to have the Butcher paper as well as the bubble wrap. Keep a marker handy so that you can label all the cartons so as to ease unpacking process. When you will be assembling things for packing them, you will encounter waste in huge quantities, for this you need to have some trash bags of big sizes.

Begin the process of House packing

Assembling all the articles that you wish to carry with you is the prerequisite. The next and the actual task that you have in hand is of packing these into the bags and the cartons. Once you have all the required things handy, you can begin packing. First of all you need to segregate your belongings, so that you can filter the essentials and discard things that are useless or that are able to find no use for you. This included not only your worn out clothes but also the kitchen utensils and household gadgets that are damaged or no longer worth using. Doing so will save your effort of packing then for no reason as sooner or later you are going to discard the same. Next, you need to pack these things on the basis of their type in different cartons. Use the cartons of the size that can easily accommodate the goods without you requiring to distort the same. This will also ensure safe travel of your goods.

Label the boxes correctly

Label each of these cartons accurately. Those items that are not used but at the same time are not worth discarding, need to be packed in the end. You can give the colour codes to your cartons or label them, next you need to jot these done on a piece of paper or simply make electronic records. You can also make use of the floor plan to make it easy for the movers to identify that which of the carton is to be unloaded in which part of the house. Those items that you think are vulnerable to getting damaged needs to be separately placed with the warning signal displayed. Those items that you will be requiring immediately once you shift in, like the clothes and toiletries, these need to be packed separately.

Cautions while packing your belongings

In no case pack those items that are categorized as the flammables or the explosives. These might prove fatal while transporting of goods. In case you have made use of the cartons at were already used, them do ensure that they have a durability to last a little more. In no case pack a carton with a load of more than 20 kilograms.


All in all, this is House Moving Packing Checklist. Right from the time you get to know that you have to shift to the time you should begin planning for same in a theoretical way. You need to keep all the things readily available as well as handy. If you keep in mind the aforesaid checklist, you will be able to making moving house a smooth and trouble free task. Also, at the time of unpacking you will have to face no problem, as you will be completely aware of what is kept where. Though we have tied to make this task a little easy for you, yet we suggest you to hire the professionals who can do this for you even more easily. All that you need to do is move your fingers to book these experts online and rest follows.

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