Piano Removalists Flagstaff Hill

Piano Removalists Flagstaff Hill

For many people, the piano is their most precious possession. OZ Removalists recognise the sentimental and monetary importance of each individual piano, and it is our goal to handle your instrument with the utmost care and concern. Each removal task we undertake is unique in its own way and requires our complete attention to every detail regarding the move.

For your piano removals, OZ Removalists is a dependable and secure option. Our friendly, experienced staff, who are trained in the specialised field of piano removals, promises to always handle your piano with safety. Our large fleet of vehicles includes trucks with specially designed hydraulic tailgate lifts, making it possible to transport fragile and big objects like pianos in and out with ease. Additionally, to lessen the possibility of unneeded and unwanted damage to the item itself and its surroundings, your piano will be relocated and safeguarded using specialised equipment.

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If you are in the middle of moving or planning your next move, you can request a free obligation quote from OZ Removalists. Our representative will offer you the best package depending on your requirement and need. You can easily reach us at 1800 842 066 or fill out our "Get In Touch" form.



You will receive an instant quote from our representatives, which will fulfill all your needs under budget. After getting a satisfactory quote, you can hire our professionals and enjoy the best service at your doorstep.


Our professionals are just one call away. Experts of OZ Removalists will reach your address on time and date scheduled by you and offer the best service. We cover all aspects of moving to fulfill your requirements.

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Moving a piano is difficult since it is so big and heavy. OZ Removalists have the tools and expertise to make even the most challenging piano moves simple. Our team will guarantee that your exquisite instrument is relocated quickly, efficiently, and safely while you unwind and choose which masterpiece to play next. We have years of experience moving pianos throughout the Flagstaff Hill.

We arrive prepared to move your piano, carrying a specialised cart, blankets, and all the necessary strength. Any piano, including upright pianos, pianolas, and baby grand pianos, can be moved by our team. You must provide us with precise information regarding the size, model, and access area of your piano at both the pickup and delivery addresses. We can use this information to organise the relocation, estimate the number of personnel we’ll need, and decide what equipment to bring. Call us at 1800 842 066 right now if you want to safely and effectively relocate your piano across the Flagstaff Hill.

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OZ Removalists Flagstaff Hill is a specialist piano moving company. From small uprights to concert grands, we have years of experience moving all different types of pianos. Our Flagstaff Hill Piano Movers teams are thoroughly skilled in the safe relocation of your pianos. This will make sure that both your house and your precious piano are protected from harm. We at OZ Removalists are courteous, experienced piano movers in the Flagstaff Hill.

We are aware of the significance of a piano and the emotive significance these grand instruments can have. Most moves are rather simple, but occasionally we must manoeuvre pianos via small staircases, basements, tight corners, etc., and this is when experience matters. Use lifting equipment to install the piano through a window, balcony, basement apartment, etc. where access is extremely difficult. Our vehicles feature specific piano covers, racking, strapping, and half-ton tail lifts to provide a secure and easy transit. In light of this, we will remove your piano from your house in a secure manner.

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