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OZ Removalists is the key to a smooth and stress-free move. We are here to complete your moving process with peace of mind and timely. Hire our expertise and experience at the most reasonable price.

OZ Removalists Balnarring

OZ Removalists is a successful moving company in Balnarring. To ensure your move is a breeze, we offer a first-rate all-inclusive moving service in Balnarring. From the time you book until your move is complete, we value providing you with the best service possible. As a result of handling numerous relocations, we have years of experience in moving! You can be confident that our removalists team will take care of all of your needs and be committed to providing you with a pleasurable experience.

If you’re looking for a removalist who will assist with every aspect of your relocation, from plugging in devices to assembling furniture, we can help! We use all of our specialised removals equipment to pack, load, and unload everything in a secure manner because we are committed to all of our clients’ worries. The goal of OZ Removalists is to make your move as easy and stress-free as possible. We provide superb customer service in addition to offering high-quality interstate moving services because we recognize how important it is to our customers.

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No Hidden Charges

OZ Removalists believes in delivering competitive rates moving services to its customers. Therefore, we do not have any hidden charges to surprise our customers.

Experienced And Trained Removalists

Well-trained and skilled professionals of OZ Removalists easily handle any type and size of the move. With years of experience, we can safely relocate your belongings to the new place.

100% Balnarring Owned And Operated

OZ Removalists is a 100% Balnarring-owned and operated company. We have been delivering our services for the past 10 years happily to fulfill the needs of residents of Balnarring.

Simple & Comprehensive Quote

Before hiring our professionals, you can check out the obligation free quote. We instantly provide reasonable quotes according to our client’s requirements.

We Can Beat The Price

Our relocation services across Balnarring are available at the most reasonable price. OZ Removalists never compromise with quality service.

100% Stress Free Moving Service

From packing your belongings to delivering them to your destination without any damage is our speciality. We deliver 100% stress-free relocation services across Balnarring.

Reliable and On-Time Service

We understand time’s value and thus deliver timely relocation services. Our moving professionals will reach your described address before time.

Compassionate Solutions Team

Our moving team puts complete effort and dedication to deliver the best moving service. We have the best solution for every kind of problem.

We offer a Safe and Reliable Way to Relocate

Our experts start the relocation process in Balnarring with the pre-move survey. One of our professionals will come to your house and make a list of all the important factors. This process enables us to deal with any issues that might come up during the relocation process. Every consideration of our customers is taken care of. Then, using the proper packaging materials, we pack up all of your household items.

Your belongings are moved to your new address with the highest care and professionalism, including fragile items and oversized items. To guarantee a seamless and stress-free transfer, OZ Removalists Balnarring employs devoted and professional movers. While haggling over quality, you will get the best service with our movers. Our ability to fulfil the obligation is aided by modern resources and abilities.


We have been helping individuals of Balnarring for more than 10 years and relocating their residential goods with utmost care. We carefully pack and move your household belongings to your new destination.


Our furniture movers follow a high standard while moving furniture so that no damage should occur. Best-in-class equipment and skilled professionals complete the job with proficiency.


The pool table requires utmost care and skilful handling. We are equipped with the best equipment to move pool tables easily and without any damage or scratch marks.


OZ Removalists offers a seamless and quality moving solution to relocate your office stuff from one address to another. Our moving professionals ensure that your organization operates normally.


Individuals of Balnarring enjoyes our interstate moving services at a reasonable price. Our commitment, budget-friendly price, streamlined process, and meeting demands of clients put us in the top position.


Our piano movers in Balnarring can move any type of piano, no matter whether it is heavy, brand new, or new. You will receive your piano in the best condition at your new address.

How It Works


Moving services are a great way to get a free estimate on what it will cost to move your belongings. You can estimate the cost of packing your items in moving boxes, loading them onto the truck, and unloading them at the new place. OZ Removalists Balnarring offers an obligation-free moving quote.



After getting the best quotation from our representatives, you can schedule your moving day. Depending upon your requirements, our professionals will also customize the moving services. Let us know your desired date and time of the move, and our professionals will be there.


With OZ Removalists, you will experience stress-free relocation services across Balnarring. We have skilled and qualified moving experts to complete the moving task timely and under budget. Years of experience and good resources give us the confidence to offer satisfactory service to our clients.

Most Preferred Balnarring Removalist

In the most organised way possible, the OZ Removalists Balnarring team relocates offices, restaurants, and homes of all sizes. We take care to move fragile and delicate goods like artwork, appliances, mirrors, televisions, and refrigerators to a new location without damaging them. The best house relocation service is made possible by our manpower, expertise, and resources. In Balnarring, we seek to provide a high-quality house removal service.

We care for each and every consumer demand to ensure that they receive services that are perfect in every way. The best removalist in Balnarring is OZ Removalists because we offer the best packing and moving services at prices that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You can review obligation-free quotations prior to engaging our professionals. For further information, call us at

1800 842 066.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Approximate Cost Of Moving To Australia?

That's a tough question to answer, not because there are so many variables but because it depends on where you're moving from and how you're moving. The cost of movers, packaging and other services vary depending on when you are moving and where you're moving. We recommend getting estimates from different moving companies to get a more accurate estimate. However, you can trust OZ Removalist for budget-friendly moving services.

Is There A Time Of The Year That Is Less Stressful To Move?

No, there is no specific time of the year that is less stressful. Moving anywhere has its own challenges regardless of when you move, season or holiday. OZ Removalists offers assistance on all occasions so that you can enjoy your move without stress and without any setbacks. The most stressful time of the year to move is when the weather changes drastically, and people generally need to pack more. We suggest you start preparing for your move about six months before the date you'd like your move to occur. It will create a less stressful experience.

Does Moving Services Include Packing?

Yes! We have professionals who will pack your belongings and take care of everything. We have years of experience and know-how to best pack each type of item. Our team will pack items you want to take with you and follow up on the moving process. Using the best quality and standard packing materials, we ensure the damage-free relocation of your goods.

How Can I Best Prepare My Fridge For Moving?

Pack your refrigerator according to what is in it, and ensure that the door closes neatly. Make sure that all of your containers are at least a few inches deep and have curves for the most efficient stacking. You should follow the appliance's user manual at the time of moving and packing. However, our packers will pack your valuable goods in the most effective way and deliver them in the best condition to your new home.

What Tasks Does A Moving Company Do?

We want to make your moving experience as seamless and easy as possible. Our movers will take care of your possessions. Also, our customer service team will handle all your queries and present the best solution. Experts of OZ Removalists will help with any household move by providing packing materials and moving boxes, and delivering furniture into your home. We ensure that your move gets completed on time and happily.

My Consignment Is Too Big For One Load, What Should I Do?

Sometimes consignment items are too big for just one load. If such a situation occurs, you can always contact us to see how we can offer a pickup and delivery option or a smaller pickup and leftover container return. The move will get done, so you do not have to worry about it. We can easily accommodate your needs; please get in touch with us by PHONE.

What Factors Determine The Moving Cost?

Moving is not a simple process. It requires proper planning and resources to complete the task as desired. However, several factors affect the moving cost.

  • Distance between source to destination
  • Way to property such as stairs, narrow doors
  • Size of the booked moving van
  • Number of moving boxes
  • Packing materials
  • And some additional cost

These all affect the cost of moving. However, you can count on the moving hands of OZ Removalists for reliable, efficient, and budget-friendly service.

Where Can I Obtain A Quote for Moving My Household Stuff?

OZ Removalists provides free moving quotes with no obligation. Just use the quote form on our website; we'll send an email with a tailor-made quote suitable to your needs.