Are you planning to move your house or office? Unsure about when to move? Wondering how to crosscut the cost of your move? All the questions will be answered in this blog today. Some people try to make a DIY Move, while others plan to hire professional movers and packers. The main matter that comes in the limelight is the cost of the move, whether it’s a DIY move or you are moving through professional removalists. The cost of a move depends on numerous factors such as the distance of the move, size of the move, hiring a professional moving company or DIY, etc. But the most important factor that determines the cost of the move is the time when you’re moving. If you make a move during peak season, i.e. summers, it is obvious that your move will be twice more expensive than moving during the off-season.

Determining the best time to move involves many factors- which season to move, moving during weekdays, moving in the mid of the month, etc. All these factors play an essential role in determining the cost of the move. Let’s have a look at them! Below is the best time to plan your next move in terms of pricing and comfort.

Appropriate Season To Move

Whatever season you choose to move, whatever time you choose, the decision completely depends on your budget and schedule. However, every season has its pros and cons. If you plan to save money, you must choose to move in late fall, winter, or early spring. If you plan to move in the summertime, it will be more expensive than moving off-season, but it is the best time to move with children in terms of holidays. If you are planning to move during the winter season, your move will be much cheaper, but the possibility of facing harsh weather conditions is maximum at that time.

Appropriate Month To Move

Frankly speaking, if you are planning a cost-friendly move, the best month to move is from late September to early April. Moving demand usually falls during these seasons as approximately 70% of the people move during the spring and summer seasons. The reason is that families prefer to move during the summer season due to the uninterrupted school years of their children. Also, you can get the best deals for houses during the offseason. The rates are usually low at this time. During spring, i.e. March and April, chances of harsh weather conditions are too low. Therefore, you can make a move during these time frames to crosscut the cost of your move.

Appropriate Week To Move

OZ Removalists suggest avoiding moving during the first and last weeks of the months. As per the rule, the first week is usually occupied for the movers and packers as maximum leases begin on the first week of the month. You are strongly recommended to move during the midweeks or mid of the month as the demand during that point of time is lowest simultaneously leading to low costs.

Appropriate Day To Move

Are you planning to choose a date to move? It is seriously advised to move during a weekday, i.e. Monday to Thursday as the demand is usually less at that time. As there are limited weekends in a month, you must try to move during a weekday which usually costs less as the professional removalists are usually less in demand at that point of time. If you are planning to move during a weekday, then you must be ready to unpack on the entire upcoming week and settle before you proceed to work.

Appropriate Time To Move

Whether you are making a DIY Move or hiring professional removalists to do it for you, the best time to make a move is during early mornings. The professional movers and packers usually arrive at AMs, mostly between 8 am to 10 am. During the summer season, the movers and packers often leave by 2 pm to beat the heat. Also, it is said that you have more energy to work in the early morning when you are fresh as compared to late afternoon or evening.


OZ Removalists assure you that the above blog would help you decide the best way to move. Above all the factors, the major decision to determine the cost of the move depends on your budget, schedule and circumstances, as all the time frames and factors have their pros and cons. You must go through all the factors and opt for the one that suits your schedule the best. Professional movers like OZ Removalists can make your move much easier and stress-free with their professional and trained crew at any season, time, week and day.

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