You have decided to move from one home to another. You have made all the necessary steps that are required before changing the home. You got your kids admitted to a good school in that area; you have secured a respectable job as well. Then it is definitely a time to move your possessions to the new place. But HOW? WHO will do this work for you? Do you have to do this hectic job yourself? The answer to this is simple. You do not have to do it all yourself now. There are many companies working to move your belongings to a new area in Melbourne. But how do you choose the best company is a confusing question? Read on to know the best moving tips for choosing a company which best suits your requirements-

  • Prepare a List

The first thing you can do is to prepare a list of all the companies in Melbourne. The list can be prepared by asking your friends and family and taking help from the newspapers and the internet.

  • Check Accreditation

Check the accreditation of the removalists companies in Melbourne. Shortlist all those companies accredited by AFRA (Australian Furniture Removalists Association). This association consists of the experts of removalsits companies. They regulate the industrial removals. All the companies accredited by AFRA follow a mandatory code of conduct. They follow strictly, the guidelines given by AFRA. This ensures a good service by these companies.


  • Get References

Your friends and neighbors can help you find a moving company. You can ask them about a moving company, how they work, how their service is. You can ask old customers of a company who have taken service from that company about the work experience of that company.

  • Make sure that the rates are affordable

Sometimes the rates provided on the internet by removalist companies are without additional charges. Make sure to get a complete knowledge of the charges of the company before hiring their services. Try to choose a company that is not heavy on the pocket and it provides the best services in that amount. Good companies value the money of their clients. Do not forget to give a call to the company first.


  • Check Insurance

This is an important question to ask from the removalists company. The good companies despite all their efforts of providing the best services to their clients never ignore the probability of any damage to the expensive possessions of the clients. They, therefore, offer their clients insurance of all their things. The damage to anything by the workers of the company will be made up by the company.

  • Save money on the cost of packing

Moving companies charge extra to pack your luggage. You can save on the cost of packing by packing your own luggage, remember that you will be responsible if any of your luggage breaks during packing.

  • Customer Service and Experience

Experience is a necessary factor to run a company effectively. You should look for a local Melbourne moving company that has been serving the clients for a longer period of time. The experienced staff knows to manage things technically in a better way than the non-experienced staff. Moreover, the customer services of the company give an idea about the company. So they should be exceptional one from the staff attending your calls to the staff that arrives at your home to shift your belonging to somewhere else in Melbourne.

  • Additional Services

Before selecting a moving company, check what services the company is providing. Always choose the company that provides the services like packing, unpacking, and loading, get complete information about the vehicle of the company, if you have small items for the move then book a smaller vehicle.

All of the factors must be considered before choosing any qualified removalist in Melbourne. Make a wise decision and hire only the best. OZ Removalists is a trustworthy company providing exceptional services for a long.

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