Moving is a huge process that involves numerous steps for its completion. One of the major demanding tasks is the movement of fragile items. Many people have broken their televisions or kitchen crockery in the past occurrences as a result of their incompetence. Due to the delicacy of these items, you need proper tricks, equipment and a set of experienced hands to move them without any damage. It is possible to move these fragile and antique pieces successfully in one piece that has been with you for several years; all you just need is an experienced team to pack and load them carefully, the right equipment and patience and attentiveness. In this blog, OZ Removalists will take you through certain tips and tricks that would help you move your fragile and delicate belongings carefully and damage-free.

  • Plan Before You Began Packing

It is very important to plan your move well before you execute it. Fragile items cannot be packed and moved right away. You need proper planning and preparation before you begin packing and moving them; otherwise, you may end up losing your precious items with damage. Make a rough plan or checklist of the delicate items you have to move and look for the right strategy to pack them safely. Packing is the major step that decides the safety of your goods while loading, unloading and moving them. This may take some time from your busy schedule, but early planning will lead to good execution with the safety and security of your delicate belongings.

  • Hire Professionals

Hiring pros for moving is always the most suitable and reliable choice. Professionals hold the right experience, apt packing material and effective tips and techniques for packing and unpacking your delicate items without any damage.


One more benefit that you can avail while hiring professionals is that you can get rid of the struggle of planning, analyzing and strategizing your move and allow the pro team to do that for you. OZ Removalists has a skilled, trained and experienced moving team that would help you move your fragile items with utmost care and caution and make your move stress-free.

  • Right Technique To Pack

One of the major keys to successfully executing your fragile items move is by adopting the right techniques to pack, load, unload and deliver the belongings to your new residence. Different breakables and delicate items need distinctive packing material and moving boxes. Photo Frames or Showpieces can be packed using packing paper and paper-lined boxes, while bigger frames and pictures can be guarded using plastic wrap or blanket. Use bubble wraps to shield lamps, while glassware or china sets can be wrapped using newspaper or packing paper, and the gaps can be filled using cushions or packing peanuts. Electronic items such as TVs can be secured using bubble wraps. It is advised to pack plates and other breakables vertically to decrease their surface area and restrict the frequency of their shaking during the delivery of plates and other kitchenware. Dish bags, which have thicker walls and superior protection for costly chinaware, should be used whenever possible. Use good bubble wrap, packing tape, and other supplies to secure your delicate items. Labeling those moving boxes is equally important, along with packing the fragile items appropriately. Labeled move boxes allow the movers to handle and move them with extra caution and also allow you to make a damage-free unpacking and assembling of those items at your new place.

  • Use Appropriate Packing Material To Pack 

Packing is the first and the most important factor that decides the damage-free completion of your move. To eliminate the risk of destruction of delicate items, it is significant to use suitable and quality packing material to pack all the items.


Distinctive packing items are used to pack and wrap different fragile items, while the most commonly used are bubble wrap, styrofoam and packing peanuts. It is always advised to never use flimsy boxes to pack your items. Make sure to secure your packed boxes with additional strips of packing tapes. One ideal trick is to put the heavier objects on the bottom and use newspaper and packing paper to fill in the gaps between them. Moving blankets, newspapers, box clutters, loose fills, butcher paper and shrink paper are some of the packing supplies you can use to wrap your delicate belongings and relocate them safely. It is recommended to not overpack your boxes, as less weight will allow the movers to handle them more safely and cautiously.

  • Take Time And Don’t Rush

In the process of accomplishing the move quickly, we often forget that sensitive items require patience and caution to move and pack. The rush and hurry will increase the chances of damage, and you can also end up injuring yourself. Therefore, it is advised not to rush and take sufficient time to plan, pack, prepare and move the delicate belongings.

  • Plan & Prepare To Unpack 

Unpacking and assembling fragile items is equally important as packing them. With proper packaging and labeling, you should be able to unpack quickly, but keep in mind that you’ll need to plan out how you’ll set up your new home once you’ve moved. After you’ve unpacked everything, figure out which supplies you can recycle and which you should preserve for future transportation.

Conclusion: All the above tips and tricks will assist you in moving your fragile belongings with utmost care and damage-free. Get in touch with OZ Removalists and hire our professional crew who will help you to plan, prepare, pack, move and unpack your delicate and essential belongings with security and caution.

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