Are planning to shift your location? You surely will agree that it is not easy to shift the heavy furniture like the cabinets, dining table, lounges etc. These are heavy furniture and are expensive also. They need to be moved with extra care and precision so that you do not harm the furniture or the person moving it. Hiring a professional mover is a better option, as they have expertise and experience in the process of moving. Melbourne OZ Removalists is a firm that helps in moving the heavy furniture with extreme care.


In order to move furniture with maximum ease and zero damage we at OZ Removalists moving company follow the following the tips for safe moving of the heavy furniture:

  1. PLAN WELL AHEAD OF TIME– Start with an ahead of time packing, even if you intend to shift after a few days start planning well ahead of time. Check the weight of the cabinets and if they weigh more than 50 kilos then you need professional help to remove the furniture. Empty the c+abinets and pack the stuff in cartons or suitcases and then get it removed /rom the help of our team member.


  1. NO PETS IN THE WAY– The pets should be kept in another room so that there is no chaos during the process of transit and even they are not harmed.


  1. TAKE CARE OF KIDS– If there are small kids in the house they should be sent to day care or arrange a baby sitter for them so that they are comfortable during the process of transporting the heavy furniture and are not hurt.


  1. MEASURE THE DRIVEWAYS, DOORS AND PASSAGES– Measure the area around doorways and driveways and draft the best possible route to take the stuff out of your home for loading. The more the space around the cabinets will ensure that no damage to the furniture or the location is caused.


  1. CLEAR WAY– Before you start to move the heavy furniture to load in the truck make sure that the passage is clear and there are no things that can cause the team to fall down or trip and cause damage to furniture or injure them.


  1. BE CAREFUL WITH YOURSELF– Moving the heavy vehicle should be left with the professional movers, if you will try to lift the vehicle on your own then you could tend to hurt yourself. It is risky to move heavy vehicles on your own as it could harm your knees or back.


  1. FURNITURE TROLLY- Use furniture trolly to move furniture that weigh more than 50 kilos. Professional movers like us are equipped with such trolley to move your furniture with extreme safety and security.


  1. AVAIL TRUCK WITH HYDROLIC LIFTS OR TAIL GATES– Ask the professional mover to avail trucks with hydrolic lift or tails gates to load the furniture with ease so that they are harmed during the process of loading or unloading.


  1. USE LIFT STRAPS- Ensure that furniture straps are used during the movement of heavy furniture so that they are harmed during the movement.


  1. GOOD QUALITY PACKING MATERIAL– When you are packing or moving the heavy furniture make sure that you cover them or pack them with protective sheets or bubble wraps so that they are free from scratches and marks during the process of transfer.


  1. HEAVY FURNITURE WITH GLASS– There are some heavy furniture that are designed with glass or fiber make sure that when you are moving such furniture while they are properly secured with some good protective gears so that they do not break during the movement or are even the people involved in moving.


  1. CHECK THE WEATHER– The day that you intend to move your furniture make sure that the weather is good and clear as this type of weather helps in fast and smooth moving of furniture without damaging them.


  1. ROUTE TO BE USED TO MOVE FURNITURE– The route that your truck will use while moving the furniture should be shortest route possible and free from bumpers so facilitate smooth movement of goods placed in the truck.


Get in touch with our executives to help you get moving in the most systematic organized stress free manner now. Best Movers of OZ Removalists moving company will be delighted to be at your service. Call us now!

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