It is well known to everyone that moving is not an easy process. It brings lots of difficulties and trouble, but when the cost of hiring removalists is considered, most individuals decide to move ownself.

In this blog, we will describe to you some of the points that will provide you with the benefits of moving with professional removalists and moving with yourself.

So now the time to move has come. You have to move your home, date and time has been decided, and then points come whether it will be suitable only to hire the moving van and move or hire a professional moving company for the relocation process.

The answer to this question depends on several factors such as what is the volume of your move, whether you have to move locally or interstate, and other such things. Hiring professional Melbourne removalists will cost you some money but will keep you stress-free and relaxed. And also save your relationship from breakdown.

You should not conclude that we are against or dissing the DIY relocation. But if you are only using the moving truck and asking your friends and relatives to help you out while moving, then you should remain prepared for experiencing some bumps along the way.

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  • Hiring Professional Packers

By hiring professional packers, you will get your belongings packed in the same condition as you desire. They will pack everything for you, and you won’t have to lift your single finger. Professional Melbourne packers will bring the packing materials such as cardboard boxes, moving blankets, and other things, so there is no need to think about all such things.


The experienced packers will handle all your objects with complete safety and precautions. The delicate and heavy objects such as the piano and pool table move require professional packing, and trained professionals at OZ Removalists Melbourne can easily handle them.

  • Insurance Factor

During moving, some undesired incidents can take place that can result in injury. So here we will describe one by one what things you have to consider if you are moving by taking help from your friends or hiring professional movers.

a) In Case Mishappening Occur With Friends

Injury is not acceptable in any case and to that person who has come forward to help you in your move. In case if your friend gets injured, then you have to pay a huge amount of compensation fee to them, and most probably, if a lawsuit is involved, then friendship gets over. So the amount you will be paying to your friend will be much costlier than hiring professional removalists.

b) If Hired Removalists Get Injured

During the moving process, if removalists get injured, then there is no point in many worries. Because such types of incidents are part of their job, all professional removalists are insured. They will receive the desired compensation from the company itself that will not affect your pocket. All things will be done from the company side.

Also, if you want to protect or insure some of your belongings, then you can discuss them with your moving company. They will cover all those objects, and you will experience peace of mind.

  • Maintain Your Understanding With Friends And Save Precious Items

Yes, we understand that moving while hiring the moving van and taking the help of friends and relatives saves your money, but you should keep this point in mind that you might have to deal with stress and lose friendship if any mishap happens. It is not good to move your friends in place of furniture. The safety of your belongings should be given preference over money. If your fragile, expansive or delicate items are damaged during the self-move, then you have to spend more on buying them again. So it’s better to spend money on quality service rather than cheap alternatives.


It is better to take the help of professionals for moving your belongings as you will get your belongings in the same condition as they were at the source. If you are looking for a reliable, professional and trustworthy mover in Melbourne, then prefer to contact OZ Removalists. We are a full-service provider company in Melbourne. All our services are favourable to your pocket. Our professionals have years of experience moving home, office, and heavy items from one location to another. You will get our customer support throughout and after service. You will find our moving service flexible and according to your requirements. OZ Removalists Melbourne provides packaging, moving, removal, and storage services at the most affordable rates possible.

To know more about our services you can give us a call at 1800842066. You can also ask our friendly removalists for free quotes.

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