Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Cover The Local Suburbs Of Melbourne?

OZ Removalists has over 10 years of experience in the moving industry. We provide moving services in every corner of Melbourne and its suburban areas. Now, we have expertise in moving locally.

Do I Have To Be Present During The Time Of Moving?
It is not mandatory. We are a well-reputed company, and our professionals are committed to the best service delivery. But it is highly advisable to be present or ask someone else to be present as your representative. This will allow us to continuously communicate and take positive feedback to make your move relatively smooth and cost-effective.
Is It Necessary To Avail Of Packing And Unpacking Services?

It is not mandatory. Packing and Unpacking services are not covered in the basic moving services. It is a premium service that our clients ask for according to their requirements. Packing and Unpacking are the two most complex and time-consuming processes while moving a house or any item.

Thus, often packing and unpacking leaves a house messy and people highly stressed. So, to have a hassle-free and relaxing relocating experience, availing of packing and unpacking services is essential. Your search ends at OZ Removalists. We provide the best packing and unpacking service at affordable prices.

Is It Possible To Cancel My Appointment?
We understand that relocation is a demanding task. Many dimensions need to be analysed and planned before house relocation. Many factors are responsible for determining whether to hire professionals for moving or not.

Hence, we provide the option of cancelling the booking, which can be made without any trouble. But one needs to inform us about the cancellation well in advance.

What Will Be The Cost Of Relocating My House?

No removalist company can tell you the exact amount of cost on the first go. A proper and prior quotation must be done before reaching a value. The travelling distance, the bulkiness of the items, packing and unpacking facilities, and ease of parking heavily determine the cost of any move.

It costs around $20 to $60 per half an hour to relocate to Melbourne. The cost mentioned above is just an estimation and can differ slightly due to the various factors involved in moving. OZ Removalists offers relocation services at reasonable prices that comfortably fit your budget.

How Do You Move The Bulky And Delicate Items?
Moving a heavy and fragile item is a strenuous job. It requires special care, planning, and execution to move your items smoothly and safely. Our well-trained professionals know the proper knowledge and tools to relocate heavy yet fragile items securely. We use thick and quality packing materials so that these items do not get damaged or sustain deep scratches during relocation.
What Are Special Measures Taken By OZ Removalist While Moving Pianos And Pool Tables?

Pianos and pool tables are heavy yet fragile and expensive items to move. Thus, their relocation poses unique challenges and can be a tiresome task. But with OZ Removalist, the task becomes safe, efficient, and time-saving. We use the proper dismantling of the pianos and pool tables to move them smoothly and more securely.

This makes the loading, transportation, and unloading relatively smooth. At the same time, these items are saved from accidental damage or falls. The dismantled parts are properly stored and transported using wheeled trolleys. When the relocation is finished, the disassembled parts are accordingly reassembled.

Do We Need To Pay To Avail Of The Moving Quotation?

OZ Removalists offer a free-of-cost moving quotation that is not obligatory to our clients. To get a moving quotation, please contact us at -1800842066. Our expert representatives will draw the estimation quickly and communicate the best possible service available per your requirements.

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