Moving to a new place, whether a new city or a state, should be an exciting time for you. But arranging for the shift and moving can have you think otherwise and lay a carpet of unavoidable challenges. Relocating or moving requires a lot of effort, time, and energy. From clearing your closet to disassembling your furniture, packing every spoon from your kitchen, to doing all the exhausting tasks of packing your belongings and ensuing heavy lifting – it all seems overwhelming. 

It is no surprise that these tasks are overburdening and vast, even if you have the best moving team in Melbourne by your side. Thus, to help you make the move smoother, we have found 11 tips that are easy to follow and apply and will keep you cool. 

  1. Keep Sealable Bags Handy – 

Always keep sealable bags handy, which you can use to store keys, small electronic wires, jewelry, screws, open nuts of furniture, medicine, or other little miscellaneous things that can easily get misplaced if kept in the big boxes. 

  1. Balance the Weight of the Boxes With Heavy & Light Items – 

While we pack for a shift, we likely pack all the heavy stuff in one box and light ones in the other. However, if you are doing the lifting work or someone else, it is difficult to pick the weighty boxes. Instead of packing all the heavy stuff in one box, half pack your box with the heavy stuff first in the button and add lighter ones on the top. Doing this will balance the boxes with weighty and light stuff and make them moderately heavy to carry. 

  1. Make Different Boxes for Different Rooms – 

Did you pack goods from different rooms in one box because it still had the place to equip more? Well, doing this seems quite easy and space-saving, but it will make your unpacking time-consuming. You will end up digging and opening all the boxes just to find out a few items you need in your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom. Thus, the thumb rule for easy unpacking is – to make separate boxes for separate rooms, including the kitchen, different bathrooms, all the bedrooms, hall, closets, toys, dishes, and more. 

  1. Label Them – If fragile, label them fragile too!

This might seem like quite an obvious tip, but this is one of the most useful ones. If you want to save time locating exactly what you are looking for in all the boxes – this is for you. To spare yourself the frustration and burnout, name every packed box, and be as specific with the stuff as possible. Also, dishes, decors, glassware, teacup sets, crockery, and other fragile art items are tricky to pack and they can break easily if carried briskly. So, as they need careful handling while labeling the box about what is there inside, add FRAGILE items in caps to let them have delicate handling. However, even if you are calling for single-item delivery in Melbourne, and if a few parts of it are fragile, mark them fragile, so that they can get careful handling. 

  1. Take Pictures of Your Electronic Wirings – 

Got a bundle of wires behind every gadget, screen, appliance, and more? Picture each one of them so you can see how it goes back together later. Taking pictures makes the wiring in your new home easier. 

  1. Just Clean Out The Closet – 

Does the closet seem to be the most annoying packing itinerary? Well, it doesn’t have to be. While it is not quite pleasingly graceful to do so, instead of taking all the clothes off from the hanger one by one, simply scoop the entire section into the bag. Leave the hangers in there with the clothes to stay there. As easy as it makes packing the stuff, the easier and less time taking it makes unpacking. 

  1. Use Your Stuff to Pack Your Stuff – 

Why invest in padding packing material when you have towels, rugs, and clothes that also need packing? Your towel will play a good role in protecting your family heirloom as well as the padding material will do. Moreover, your big pots and pans will save your spice containers, gadgets, and other similar items when packed and sealed with lids.   

There is much such stuff in your home that can be used to protect others. So, use your presence of mind, and be creative to save the cost by using your stuff to protect the other goods. 

  1. Make a List of Your Essentials & Carry Them Separately – 

Prepare a list of everything you will need as soon as you reach your new home. They can be tea/coffee makers, dishes, a few clothes, toiletries, bedsheets, and more. Place all the essential teams in a separate box and carry them with you in your car or place them at the top of all the goods in the truck. This way, you will prevent rummaging and get the things handy that you need on the arrival. 

  1. Buying Packaging Boxes? Rethink About it – 

Unless there is no other option, why on earth would you want to buy cardboard boxes to pack your stuff? Consider getting boxes from liquor stores or local grocery shops. You can get them for free or use the ones you got from your last online purchases. Alternatively, you can also rent plastic bins for your move and you can schedule a pick up for them. The company can pick up the rented plastic containers on a scheduled date. 

  1. Plan & Time Your Shift – 

If you are hiring a moving company to shift all your stuff, or even a single item delivery service, like – pool table or piano movers in Melbourne or more, put your best to schedule your shift in the mid-month and on a weekday. Weekends and the start and end of the month are actually the costlier time since that is the time when most people likely schedule their move. So, if you can take your weekday off and move in the mid-month, it will be easier on your pocket. 

  1. Give Away Or Sell Your Stuff – 

Off-shelving all the stuff from home leaves behind a lot of items that we will not use anymore or which can cost more for packing than donating. Thus, to lower the cost of packing or to empty the space that is occupied by useless stuff, donate the non-useful things to charity or put them up for sale. Besides, you can also ask your friends, relatives or colleagues to take this stuff if they need it. 


These 11 tips are noteworthy and helpful to keep you organized and well-settled – on, before, and after your moving day. Follow and apply these moving hacks, and get the best furniture removalists in Melbourne to make your shift smooth and streamlined. Happy moving!

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