Your beloved piece of furniture, kitchen appliances, glassware, and other fragile items demands utmost care and attention while relocating. The individuals who are short with time often ignore the right packing of these fragile items only to save some precious minutes, which should not be done. Knowing the right method and approach towards packing these fragile items can help you decrease the risk of damage.

We hope that you can avoid some common pitfalls by going through our guide.


Everyone knows that glassware is one of the common objects that get broken during moving time. The shape and size of drinking glasses and other items get combined with the fragility and result in more chances of damage. Also, sometimes individuals do not get the right packing materials for wrapping glassware. You should not overpack the glasses in order to secure packing. There should not be too many glasses in a single box as the box will get damaged due to the heavyweight. Also, glasses will knock each other, and they will break over the bumpy path. The best way to pack them is to get durable boxes with dividers so that no interaction of glasses would occur.


Most individuals believe that breaking a mirror is not a good sign, and they put their whole effort into saving them. The mirror of the bedroom, bathroom, or any decorative one gets damaged frequently while moving. If you put an ‘X’ mark on the mirror by using packing tape, it supports the mirror’s integrity.


It prevents the chance of breaking the mirror into small chunks. Wrap the mirror in good quality packing paper along with padding and place it in a moving box.


The delicate china set, precious plates, bowls, fragile mugs are highly vulnerable to scratches, shattering while moving. Like glassware, you don’t need to pack so much crockery in a single box. You can use old clothes, towels as a supportive material while packing your crockery. You need to ensure that there is no rubbing between the plates to avoid the scratch mark.

Photographs And Books

Your photographs with high sentimental value can get damaged if you do not offer proper care while packing. If there is exposure to rain and wind, then your books and photos will get destroyed.


So you have to keep them in waterproof boxes. The placement of books and photographs should be done in such a manner so that they do not shift or move when they are in transit.


Unfortunately, the object that suffers a lot during relocation is you. Individuals who plan to move without hiring professionals find themself short with time and full of stress that results in making silly mistakes that can be avoided. Sometimes improper shifting of moving boxes from one place to another results in physical injuries such as back, knee, shoulder, and even neck injuries. Thus you have to take complete care of yourself.

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