When we have to shift from one place to another within a short distance, it is easy to shift because all the relatives and friends provide a helping hand. However, when we are supposed to move interstate it becomes a herculean task due to plenty of factors. We are not on talking terms with anyone in the new city neither do we know the whereabouts of the place. Not only does it become difficult to adjust in the city but settling there at the first place is in itself the hectic task. Besides, there are several challenges that we have to face. If you are the one planning to move your family interstate, then let us brief you about the top challenges in moving family interstate.


These are as follows:

  • Fetching the perfect accommodation: One of the biggest problems that you face while moving interstate is that of accommodation. There are thousands of apartments available for rent but how many of these are actually worth living in? There are several parameters that define a perfect accommodation. To name a few the location and the neighborhood besides the size of the accommodation that is obviously important. Finding a house that has a central location to all the required spots like market, healthcare, and education is a hard task. Then another challenge is to make a choice between the agents and the owners. There are veterans who support directly contacting the owners and then there are others who have good experience contacting the agents.
  • Accessing the roads and public transport: It is not all and sundry who own a private vehicle and know to drive. Therefore, transportation can be a big problem for such people. Getting comfortable with public transport is not a cup of tea. It takes time and is quite a tiresome task. As you are not aware and familiar with the roads this means that you are either vulnerable to getting lost or else auto drivers are able to grab more than the required fare from you. so you tend to be on the losing edge from both ends. You may thank the map apps that come readily available for your smartphones. Another best app is one that relates to booking cabs for short rides as these have a pre-determined fair to charge you irrespective of whether you are a new or old resident of the city.
  • Difficulty to find an initial point to begin unpacking: Firstly, while you move you need to assemble all your things and then pack them in a bag. Next, you need to transport the sane over a long distance. Then you have this hectic task of unpacking these again. Among so many cartons it becomes difficult to get to the initial point from where you can begin unpacking your things. You, therefore, need to be very careful when you pack your bags so that you know what is placed where while you unpack your things.
  • Difficult to explore responsible Domestic Help: In your old city you had developed contacts that helped you to fetch a maid for you. However, in this new place, no one is going to give your references. You need to find the house and help yourself. In this case, you can become open to getting betrayed as the person who gets ready to help you at house might charge excessively high. Also, you will not be able to make whether the one you are hiring is responsible and worth trusting or not. However, at the same time, you will have you hire the same because you are in a need. In case your neighbors are polite they may help you with this. In extreme cases, the owners or say the agents will come to your rescue.
  • Inaccessibility to the track postal cards and networks: When you shift your house interstate, it becomes difficult to track all your things. Be it the bank statements or the bills everything takes time to settle. By the time you are adjusting to these things, you need to remain partially inaccessible to many of the vital necessities of household and corporate work. Also, it becomes difficult to get the networks set. Be it the setup box for your television or your landline connection, you have to face difficulty in getting the technicians to settle the same for you.


All in all, these are the top challenges in moving family interstate. To make this process a little easy with each complication we have tried to provide you with a solution too. There are umpteen services that you can avail of in order to make this task a little less burdensome. You may hire professional movers who do it all for you. Ranging from providing you with the cartons to pack to finally unpacking.

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